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Pedestrian Products

Evolve offers high quality and reliable pedestrian entrance control tripod turnstiles, speed gate, speed lanes, paddle gates, flap gates and security revolving doors.

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We are a market leader in the design and manufacture of pedestrian entrance controlled speed gates, speed lanes, paddle gates, tripod turnstiles and security revolving doors.
We offer a variety of pedestrian entrance controlled products and if required, our in-house design team can design and manufacture bespoke solution to meet your clients specific needs.

Evolve Product Selection
Evolve Product Selection (1)

When it comes to selecting the correct product Evolve believes that it is not as simply as looking at one manufacturers list of products.

It about undertaking a study of the end users operational requirement, the building layout, security and safety requirements.

Once you understand these you can then select the most suitable product for the end user.

Evolve believes that at the design stage, the equipment specifier should seek specialist advice from, and work in close liaison with, the equipment manufacturer or their representative. 

To assist equipment specifiers Evolve has created the ''Equipment Specifiers Guide'' which contains guidance on standards. acts, regulations, and laws relating to the supply, installation, and operational requirements associated with pedestrian entrance control speed gates, speed lanes, tripod turnstiles and security revolving doors.

Evolve Product Selection (3)

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

Welcome to Evolve Security Products Limited
We have “Evolved” from many years within the pedestrian entrance control security market. We specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality, robust and reliable entrance control Turnstiles, Speed Gates, Flap Gates, Full Height Turnstiles and Security Revolving Doors for resell via distributors and system integrators.

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