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Evolve Retractable 
Speed Gates (RG)

Retractable flap and sliding security speed gates & speed lanes (RG) provide an excellent pedestrian entrance control management system for reception areas requiring secure, high speed, bi-directional pedestrian entrance control in an elegant, sophisticated, and discreet manner, essential for today’s corporate reception areas.

Sliding and flap speed gates provide secure and efficient way of controlling authorised personnel access to restricted areas whilst providing a high level of reliability, security, and safety. 

If wide access is required than the gates can be used in conjunction with our SG100 swing gate.

So if you are looking for a secure and reliable pedestrian entrance control solution, with the ability to control thousands of visitors and staff entering your building, stadium, education facilities, library's, hospitals, airports, public buildings, and gyms, then our range of s
liding and flap speed gates are the perfect choice. 

Contact us today to find out more about our range of products and services.

RG100 retratable flap gate


  • Easy to install between any wall or on any surface with our optional free standing floor plinths.

  • Adjustable speed settings, providing a safe and reliable solution for controlling access to any building or facility.

  • Advanced security features with detection sensors and anti-tailgating technology to ensure a medium level of security.

  • All our retractable gates (RG) can be installed in either a single or a multi-lane group.

Flap Speed Gate RG100 Shanghi 2
Sliding Speed Gate RG200 China

Key Features

  • Elegant and sophisticated look.

  • High pedestrian throughput.

  • Modular construction product.

  • Easy to install, service and maintain.

  • Can be integrated with various access control devices such as card or bio-metric readers.


There are typically FOUR safety concerns associated with pedestrian entrance control gates:

  • Hitting users that CORRECTLY use the gates.

  • Hitting users that INCORRECTLY use the gates.

  • User safety such as elderly, the infirm, disabled persons, parents with pushchairs and young children.

  • Hitting objects such as bags, trolleys, etc.

To resolve these concerns our retractable gates provide:-

  • Safety in the opening and closing cycle.

  • Protection for the elderly, the infirm, disabled persons, parents with pushchairs and young children, etc.

  • Safety during miss-use.

  • Fire alarm input – on activation gates will open.

  • On power Failure they can be manually pushed open.


Compared to traditional tripod turnstiles, retractable flap gates offer little extra in the why of security. Sliding speed gates provide slightly better protection against intruders trying to limb over and crawl under.
Due to safety regulations, all makes of speed gates should put safety ahead of security. To achieve a higher level of security some simple design rules can be applied, here are a few:-

  • Double leaf obstacles, open and close quicker than a single leaf versions.

  • Narrow walkways, makes it more difficult for two people to pass at the same time.

  • Longer cabinets, offer more detection sensor allowing a better chance of detecting tailgating and collusion.

  • Higher obstacles, reduces the threat of jumping over.

  • Small gap under the obstacle, reduces the threat of crawling under.


  • Corporate Reception Areas, Office buildings of all types, Financial Institutes.

  • Warehouses.

  • Education Facilities: Universities, Colleges, Schools and academy's.

  • Well-being, Sport and Leisure centers.

  • Cultural centers.

  • Private or Public toilets.

  • Lift lobbies.


  • Speed Gate, Speed Lanes.

  • Speedgate, Speedlane.

  • Sliding Gate, Flap Turnstile Gate.

  • Pedestrian Flap Gate, Retractable Flap Gate.

  • Retractable Flap Barrier, Speed Flap Barrier.

  • Access Control Flap Barrier.

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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