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Our range of visitor card capture devices (CC) can be supplied in a standalone housing or integrated within our speed gates and turnstile cabinets or sold as an OEM part.

Capturing contractors or visitor ID passes helps to greatly reduce the cost of lost cards and increases building security. The card capture device can work with simple paper passes or integrated with the end users own access control reader.

Visitor Card Capture Evolve CC100

The standalone housing offer a slim profile making it easier to install beside or in front of most makes of pedestrian entrance control gates or turnstiles.

Any make of proximity card reader can be mounted inside the device, all that is needed is a dry contact output signal from the access control to confirm the inserted card is valid. After receipt of a valid card signal the card will be dropped into the collection box. If no signal is received after a pre-set time the invalid card will be returned.

Visitor Card Capture Evolve CC100

How it works

ID cards, their holders and pin clips up to 100mm wide can be accepted. Lanyards must be removed from the holder before inserting the card and its holder in to the device.

Bottom lockable access panel and easy access to the mechanism makes card collecting and maintenance easy.

  • Elegant and sophisticated look.

  • High pedestrian throughput.

  • Modular construction product,

  • Various passage widths.

  • Single or double leaf obstacles.

  • Easy to install, service and maintain.

  • Can be integrated with various access control devices such as card or bio-metric readers.

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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