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PG500 Speed Gate

Evolve Paddle Leafed
Speed Gates (PG)

Security speed gates provide an excellent pedestrian entrance control management system for reception areas requiring secure, high speed, bi-directional pedestrian access control in an elegant, sophisticated, and discreet manner, essential for today’s corporate reception areas.

Our speed gates are designed to provide a secure and efficient way of controlling authorised personnel access to restricted areas whilst providing a high level of reliability, security, and safety. 

So if you are looking for a secure and reliable pedestrian entrance control solution, with the ability to control thousands of visitors and staff entering your building, a stadium, education facilities, library's, hospitals, airports, public buildings, gym and even coin operated toilet applications, then our range of paddle leaf speed gates are the perfect choice. 

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PG500 Speed Lane+Face
Paddle Gates

Product Range


The PG range of speed gates can be fitted with PMMA or Toughened glass arms with a laminated film up to 1.8mt high, acting as a visual deterrent against unauthorised entry.

Our sophisticated algorithms and detection sensors monitor pedestrian passage and detect infringements such as tailgating, wrong direction of travel and loitering.

They can be easily integrated with a variety of visitor and staff management devices such as card readers, keypads, bio-metric scanners, and other security systems such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to you building.

Paddle Gate PG150 Shopping Center


Sophisticated algorithms and detection sensors as well as a low impact force provide safety during the opening and closing cycle of the lanes arm movement. Additional detection sensors can be provided where sites are used by the elderly, infirm, disabled, young children and bulky items.

A fire alarm contact can be connection to our lanes to automatically open them during a fire alarm activation. If installed on a designated fire route the lanes should be fitted with an additional emergency break glass.



The PG range of speed gates have a modern, aesthetically pleasing look and available a variety of cabinet sizes and walkway widths that can be customised to suit any sites specific requirements.

Our superior stainless-steel corrosion resistance cabinets can be finished in a variety of options including Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) which offers a full spectrum of colours making it an ideal colour solution for aesthetic applications. The coloured surface has improved wear, friction and harshness properties providing uniform and long-lasting colour.

PG200 Shanghi Rose Gold
Paddle Gate PG600 Office+Lift


Our paddle leaf speed gates are designed to be user-friendly, with lane status and functional LEDs fitted as standard, easy to install, maintain and service, and come with an adjustable range of security and safety settings.

The reception touchscreen console offers the option to adjustable the lanes working mode, provide entry and exit for visitors without an access pass and emergency open function addition flexibility to your building entrance control and improves people flow for efficiency and user convenience.


Evolve offers FREE sales, installation, maintenance, and service training to any wishing to sell our products.

We provide FREE telephone technical support to anyone that have been trained on our products.

If you wish to join our growing network of approved installers then why not get in touch.

Paddle Gate PG200

Safety by Design

User safety has always been at the forefront of our product design which is why all our products are CE and UKCA approved with our PG200 and PG300 UL certified.


Prior to the introduction of BS EN 17352 2022 (a European standard specific for power operated pedestrian entrance control equipment such as turnstiles, swing lanes and retractable lanes) we followed BS 7036-0-2014 and BS EN 16005 2012.


Whilst BS 7036 and BS EN 16005 did not apply to powered pedestrian gates and turnstiles we found that the information they contain to be very useful and we strongly advise equipment specifiers and installers to follow these standards.
There are typically FOUR safety concerns associated with pedestrian entrance control gates:-

  • Hitting users that CORRECTLY use the gates.

  • Hitting users that INCORRECTLY use the gates.

  • User safety such as elderly, the infirm, disabled persons, parents with pushchairs and young children.

  • Hitting objects such as bags, trolleys, etc.

Security By Design

There are typically FOUR security concerns associated with pedestrian entrance-controlled speed gates: -

  • Jumping over.

  • Crawling under.

  • Tailgating.

  • Collusion – Wrong direction and Loitering.


Security levels are often compromised due to machinery safety standards as gates should not hit any users, even if it is down to misuse or illegal attempts to break-in.

Higher levels of security can be achieved by some simple physical design rules and features such as: -

  • Double leaf arms – Open and close quicker than a single leaf version.

  • Narrow walkways – Makes it more difficult for two people to pass at the same time.

  • Longer cabinets - Increase security over shorter cabinets, providing a better chance of detecting tailgating and collusion. 

  • Higher / Tailer arms - Reduces the threat of jumping over.

  • Small gap under the arms - Reduces the threat of crawling under.


  • Retail facilities: outlets, unmanned stores, warehouses, and head offices.

  • Office buildings: Reception areas, Lobby areas, and lift control.

  • Education Facilities: Universities, Colleges, Schools, and academies.

  • Well-being: Sport centres, Stadiums and Leisure centres.

  • Cultural centres.

  • Private or Public toilets.


Speed gate and speed lanes are often called many other names:-

  • Turnstile, Speed Turnstile, Speed Gate Turnstile

  • Speedgate, Speedlane, Security Speed Gates

  • Entrance Gate, Security Gate.

  • Access Control Gate, Self-boarding Gate.

  • Swing Gates, Flap Gates, Retractable Gates.

  • Speedstyle, Slim Gates, Full height speed gate.

  • Fast Gates. Underground Gates.

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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