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The RGRetail sliding speed gate has been specifically designed to help with retail loss prevention, as well as offering a cheaper alternative to speed gates used in controlling access to gyms, education, and office environments.

Packed full of features this retractable gate provides a flexible security solution, particularly useful where high throughput, disable access, large bulky items are required and to meet fire regulations.

The RGRetail can be used as a single cabinet or double with master and slave configuration providing a large opening with high speed and bi-directional pedestrian throughput.

RGRetail Sliding Speed Gate Tesco
RGRetail Sliding Speed Gate

Key Features

​Key features of the RGRetail gate.

  • Reduced cabinet length.

  • Various colours to suit aesthetic requirements.

  • Several ways to control the gate.

  • Potential to integrate ID, QR and other devices.

  • Optional LED back-light display or LCD screen.


Our open protocol and tried-and-tested control technology enable easy setup of the functions, operating and test modes. The working mode for each direction of travel can be easily set to FREE, BARRED or CONTROLLED mode.

RGRetail sliding speed gate for retail

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‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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