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PG300 Paddle Gate Backdrop

PG300 Paddle Leafed Speed Gate

The PG300 range of single and double leafed paddle gates (PG) provide safe, high speed, bi-directional pedestrian throughput, with an elegant and sophisticated look, essential for today’s corporate environment.

As standard the PG300 speed gate is fitted with 900mm high plexiglass arms. Plexiglass provides better protection against intruder abuse then toughened glass because it is much harder to break.

PG300 Paddle Gate Hygeina

​Aesthetics is a core design principle for our R&D design team which includes factors such as colour, shape and visual look, the PG300 has: 

  • Curved slimline cabinet.

  • Colour options to match most RAL colours.

  • Discreet card reader integration.

  • Clear Plexiglas or toughener glass obstacles;

  • 16 detection photocells are used to monitor user progression and security breaches;

  • Low gap under obstacle (only 250mm) monitored by low level photocells;

  • Various obstacle heights up to 1800mm;

  • Standard obstacle material is 10mm thick  Plexiglas to resist attacks with hammers;

  • Electromechanical break to withstand forced entry attempts;

  • Options available to meet CPNI and NPSA requirements.

Paddle Gate PG300 CPNI NPSA Spec
PG300 Paddle Gate Coventry Collage

Throughput speed is approximately 25~30 persons/min, but dependent on the access control system and the speed of the users.

Our gates TD controller has the capability of stacking / memorizing the valid open commands . This allows the gate to open until all the valid open commands have clear greatly increasing the throughput of users.

As standard the PG300 range is fitted with 900mm high plexiglass. This provides better protection against intruder abuse as it is much harder to brake than toughened glass.

As an option to plexiglass, the PG300 range can be fitted with 8mm thick toughened safety glass manufactured to EN 12150-1.

Paddle Gate PG300 Obstacle Height

Standard 900mm
Plexiglas (PMMA)




Plexiglas or Toughened






Paddle Gate PG300 Lane Widths

The PG300 has 4 standard clear passage widths: -

  • PG300 is a double leafed gates with have an 600mm walkway.

  • PG301 is a double leafed gates with have an 900mm walkway.

  • PG302 is a single leafed gates with have an 600mm walkway.

  • PG303 is a double leafed gates with have an 1120mm walkway.


Optional bespoke widths up to 1200 are available for sports wheelchair and large bulky items.

  • 16 Detection photocells provide user protection;

  • Low energy impact in the opening and closing cycle;

  • Manual push in any direction, in the event of a power loss;

  • Fire alarm input to automatically drive the obstacle open in either direction

  • Various programmable operating modes providing safety over security;

  • Wide lane widths up to 1200mm to meets the fire safety standards.

PG300 Paddle Gate Tesco Mobile
PG300 Paddle Reception Area
PG300 Paddle Gate Coventry Collage
PG300 Paddle Sports Centre
PG300 Paddle Gate Gym
PG300 Paddle Office Building

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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