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3D Tailgating

Working in conjunction with HuperLab a leading provider of intelligent video surveillance solutions, Evolve has help to develop advanced 3D video algorithm and dual-lens stereo camera to capture stereo object image as human-like depth vision.

The 3D depth-sensing technology can achieve the high accuracy level to 98% with high tolerance to light and shadow changes, and the overlapping of moving objects. With greater video analytics integration and system flexibility, it is capable of deploying people counting, virtual fence, surveillance and security, and customer service improvement for retail stores, transportation, home and store security.

S800 3D Camera
Tailgating Detection


3D Fall-Stop Detection

Fall Detection

3D Virtual Fence

Virtual Fence



3D Two-Factor Authentication

Two Point Verification

3D People Counter

People Counting

3D Secure Zone

Secure Zone

Capacity Management

Capacity Management

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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