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The PG150 paddle leaf speed gate provides safe, high speed, bidirectional pedestrian throughput with an elegant, sophisticated look, essential for today's corporate environment.

The transparent Plexiglas obstacles look identical to glass but provide better protection for accidental collision with solid objects.

The ES150 has a strong mounting base for fixing the gates to the floor and for providing level adjustments. All the control cables enter the gates through holes in the mounting base.

Paddle Gate PG150 Office
Paddle Gate PG150 Shopping Center

Key Features

Key features of our Paddle Gates (PG).

  • Elegant and sophisticated look.

  • High pedestrian throughput.

  • Modular construction product,

  • 600, 900 and 1200mm passage widths.

  • Double leaf obstacles up to 1.8mt.

  • Easy to install, service and maintain.

  • Can be integrated with various access control devices such as card or bio-metric readers.


The 180deg swing drive mechanism used in the PG150 have several advantages over retractable sliding and flap speed gates: -

  • Slim stylish cabinets.

  • Obstacles height from 900mm to 1.2mt.

  • Passage width from 500mm to 1.2mt. 

Paddle Gate PG150 Toilet Bus Station

Working in partnership with Willings Services Limited our reliable speed gates, swing gates and tripod turnstiles have been combined with their coin handling expertise to create high security coin and contactless pedestrian entrance control solutions for both public and private sector toilets.

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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