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TT301 Tripod Turnstile

The TT301 modular designed tripod turnstile offers, cost-effective, fast operating, easy to use, reliable entrance control solution for internal or external use in areas where there is a large and constant flow of people.

Its modular construction with different tops,  end panels and colours meet all the aesthetic requirements needed for today's corporate environment.

The turnstile is designed for use in metro stations, railway stations, bus stations, airports, corporate reception areas, factories, hotels, scenic spots, museums, libraries, exhibition centers, stadiums, education facilities and cinema, etc.

Tripod Turnstile TT301
Tripod Turnstile TT301

The TT301 is a modular construction tripod turnstile build around a robust stainless-steel cabinet housing :-

  • Motorised drop arm drive unit.

  • TD controller.

  • JX  motor controller.

  • 2 No. LED status indicators, one each end.

The modular designs allows customer to custom build a turnstile to meet your clients specific aesthetic requirements.:-

  • Different materials for the tops.

  • Various shaped end panels, and

  • A wide selection of color's.

Speed and Safety

Throughput speed is approximately 25 to 30 people/min, but dependent on the access control system and the speed and type of the users.

The turnstile arms automatically drop on power failure or activation of the emergency input, when power is restores or when the alarm reverts to normal the arm automatically right itself.

Motorised turnstiles are covers by BS EN 17352:2022 and lists the following hazards:-

  • Crushing, shearing and drawing-in.

  • Impact and trapping.

  • Imprisonment.

Tripod Turnstile TT240 Leisure

The TT300 range is compatible with most types of access control ID readers and scanners. including contactless and bio-metric systems. The working mode for each direction of travel can be easily set to FREE, BARRED or CONTROLLED mode.

The turnstile requires a volt free normally open relay contact closing for not more than 1 second to allow passage. If used as a bi-directional turnstile a separate relay, contact is required for each direction of travel.

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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