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The TT303 compact motorised drop arm tripod turnstile offers, cost-effective, fast operating, easy to use, reliable entrance solution for internal or external use.

This reliable yet compact tripod turnstile is especially suitable for applications where high flow rate, small footprint and easy installation is required.

Compact Tripod Turnstile Evolve TT303
Compact Tripod Turnstile TT303-Parts

Manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel the TT303 comes with an ultra-reliable motorised drop arm mechanism giving unprecedented years of service.

The tripod turnstile is especially suitable for applications where high flow rate, small footprint and easy installation is required.

The motorised drop arm drive provides smooth and silent operation, which automatically adapts to the users’ passing speed, guarantees higher reliability, better performance, with less wear and tear and reduced power consumption compared to mechanical versions.

Compact Tripod Turnstile TT303-Black Colour
Compact Tripod Turnstile TT303-Rose colour
Compact Tripod Turnstile TT303-Group

After each passage, the tripod turnstile arms automatically returned to its home position. The arm rotation encoder tracks passage through the tripod turnstile to ensure accurate passage complete outputs for access control or counting systems.

To meet the needs of fire regulations, requirements for people with reduced mobility and large bulky items please see our SG.

Due to tripod turnstiles low cost and reliability, they are ideal for use in the leisure, and education markets.

SG100 Swing Gate

The turnstile arms automatically drop on power failure or activation of the emergency input, when power is restores or when the alarm reverts to normal the arm automatically right itself.

The TT303 can operate in 9 different work modes CONTROLLED, FREE, or BARRED

The motorised mechanism automatically resets the arm to the closed position once the emergency has passed. This means there is no need to deploy staff to manually lift the tripod arms.

Turnstiles can be controller to all types of access control devices to provide secure visitor and staff management, such as:

  • RDIF card readers.

  • Bar-code scanners.

  • QR code readers.

  • Coin validators and contactless card readers.


Compact turnstiles are designed for use in:- Metro stations. Railway stations. Bus stations. Construction sites. Corporate reception areas. Factories and Warehoused. Hotels. Scenic spots. Museums. Education facilities and libraries. Exhibition centers. Sports Stadiums, and Cinema, etc.


They only allow one person to pass through at a time, effectively managing the footfall. Difficult to force the arm open. Can be used both internally and externally. Easy to install various access control devices such as: - Smart cards. Proximity cards (RFID/NFC). Key cards. Barcode scanners. Motion detectors. Bio-metric scanners. Coin and contactless readers.


Throughput speed is approximately 25 to 30 people/min, but dependent on the access control system and the speed and type of the users.


Other definitions of pedestrian turnstiles are: - Turnstile Gates, Turnstile Lanes. Turnstile Barrier, Speed Turnstile. Entrance Turnstile, Turnstyle. Turnpike, Gateline. Baffle Gate, Automated Gate. Turn gate, Coin Operated Turnstile.

‘Evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control’

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